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Fokker Services

Fokker Services is an integrated, knowledge based services organization that partners with operators, lessors and manufacturers of aircraft in the continued competitive operation of their fleet by increasing technical dispatch reliability (TDR) and passenger comfort while reducing direct operating cost (DOC).
Our Ambition: Being the world’s most innovative aerospace service provider of affordable and reliable availability solutions to Operators, Lessors, OEM’s and MRO’s.

Today, Fokker Services has earned its position as unique and valuable partner for the global aerospace industry, supporting a large fleet of various aircraft types. Capabilities include Component Availability Programs, Flight-hour based Component Repairs, Engineering and Documentation Support and Airframe Maintenance, Modifications, Conversion, Completion capabilities as well as OEM Partnering and Support Services.

Online presence:  
Internet: fokker.com | flyfokker.com
Customer portals: myfokkerfleet.com | myaircraftfleet.com 
Mobile: App ‘Fokker Services’
Platforms: modstore.aero | airlinesforairlines.com

Fokker Technologies

Fokker Services is part of Fokker Technologies. Fokker Technologies is a leading global aerospace specialist that develops and manufactures highly engineered advanced aircraft systems and components for aircraft manufacturers and provides integrated maintenance services and products for aircraft operators and lessors. The business was founded in 1919. Headquartered in Papendrecht, the Netherlands, Fokker Technologies operates facilities in the Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, USA, China, India and Singapore, and employs approximately 4,950 people.

GKN Aerospace

Fokker Technologies is a business unit of GKN Aerospace. GKN Aerospace is a global first tier supplier of wing, fuselage and engine structures, nacelle systems, landing gear and wiring systems, transparencies, ice protection systems and aftermarket services, with sales of GBP2.5bn in 2015 and a global workforce of over 17,000 employees. It has a significant participation on all major aircraft programs today and a broad customer base spanning commercial, military, business aerospace and space markets. The company’s extensive engineering capability and clear focus on targeted innovation has created technological and manufacturing leads in each of its areas of expertise. GKN Aerospace is part of GKN plc.

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