What is Airlines for Airlines?


AirlinesforAirlines.com is the first and brand-new online platform that provides modern communication tools to regional airline communities in support of their day-to-day business. Utilized by operators which fly the same aircraft type, think alike and work together. It is all about finding and providing technical, logistical and fleet size solutions amongst regional airlines to keep their fleet operational.

Why Airlines for Airlines?


AOG, what do you do? You search for the quickest, most reliable and cost effective solution available within all your sources. Your fellow airlines are one of these sources. They fly and support the same aircraft type and talk your language. Airlines for Airlines puts you in direct contact to find or offer a valuable solution.

Who can access Airlines for Airlines?


All employees employed by either an aircraft operator, lessor or Fokker Services can access Airlines for Airlines. Access is subject to the availability of relevant aircraft type community. To start with, Airlines for Airlines will support the ATR community. Other aircraft type communities will follow.

Our promise


It is our promise to provide and develop this platform to the shared needs of its operator and lessor members. Use of the platform is free-of-charge to its members. Valuable functionalities will be added to the platform based on community insights over time.

What is the role of Fokker Services?


For decades, Fokker Services has been a service provider within the aerospace industry, with a clear focus on regional aircraft. We know what it takes to keep your aircraft in a continued competitive operation and will do anything to keep you flying. This platform supports our ambition of being the world’s most innovative aerospace service provider of affordable and reliable availability solutions to airlines.

Just like the airline and lessor members, Fokker Services will also participate within the platform requesting and offering solutions.

Next to this we will develop:

  • new platform functionalities that will add value to all members
  • new propositions to the benefit of the participating airlines and lessors. 

What does it cost?


Usage of the platform is free-of-charge.

How does it work?


Simply post a request for either Parts or Tooling or Advice or Manpower or Aircraft and your fellow operators within relevant group will receive a notification. Your request is also posted on their timeline. Now other operators can assist by replying to your request. One can react in a public or private mode.

Which communities are available?


At this moment Airlines for Airlines is available to ATR aircraft operators and lessors. Other communities will become available later in time. If you wish to express your interest for a certain future community, we invite you to send your message to info@airlinesforairlines.com.

What are groups?


Groups are based on community members that share the same area of interest. You can participate in 1 to 5 available groups.

These groups are:

  • Parts: spare parts such as components, expendables and consumables
  • Tooling: equipment used for aircraft maintenance, component maintenance and a/c recovery
  • Advice: knowledge and in-service experience related to technical and operational issues
  • Manpower: hiring of specialized personnel, such as mechanics, engineers or flight crew
  • Aircraft: lease, sell or buy aircraft amongst operators and lessors within the community

Posts related to a certain group are shared with all members of that group within relevant community.

Which functionalities are available?


Herewith just a quick summary of most relevant functionalities:

  • Setting up your personal profile in terms of contact details, photo and group(s) to join,
  • Posting a request for parts, tooling, advice, manpower or aircraft
  • Assist by replying to a request in public or private mode
  • Attach a photo or document or location to a request
  • Search, view or contact another member
  • Invite others to become a member
  • Earn Airshares and view Airshares level

What are Airshares?


Airshares (points) are a reward for utilizing the platform. The more you use the platform and offer assistance to others, the more Airshares you earn. Airshares provide you with certain benefits.

How do I earn Airshares?


Airshares are gained as follows:

  • Post a request: earn 5 Airshares
  • You assist someone by replying to a request: earn 5 Airshares per request
  • You get a ‘like’ for your assistance: earn 15 Airshares per request
  • Complete your personal profile with your photo: earn 20 Airshares

What are the Airshares levels?


We distinguish 4 levels of Airshares.

These are:

0+ Starter       NO-STAR 3 grey stars
100+ OneStar ONE-STAR 1 golden star
250+ TwoStar     TWO-STAR 2 golden stars
500+ AllStar THREE-STAR 3 golden stars

Your Airshares level is calculated by the sum of all your Airshares gained during the last 12 months. Airshares gained longer than 12 months ago are no longer part of your Airshares level. Of course this is because we want you to stay involved and active!

What are the benefits of Airshares?


Airshares offer you the following benefits:

  • Status indication with stars as a reward for your active participation and for others to see
  • The higher your level of Airshares the longer your posts will stay on top of the timeline
  • Twice a year we will announce an Airshares winner. She or he has gained the highest number of Airshares during the last 6 months.

The prize will be an aircraft model (scale 1:72) in your own airline livery including the AirlinesforAirlines.com logo. Dates are set on February 14thand September 21st.

Future developments?


This platform will continuously develop and offer more and more functionality based on the feedback from its members. At this moment we envision two potential developments being:

  • Wiki Plania: offering members functionality to share in-service knowledge on technical and operational issues
  • Loan/Exchange: offering web-based software that supports the loan and exchange process of components and tooling between its members.

However, it will be the members that decide what developments will be realized first!